Art, Music, and Wu Wei
jamie st clair jamie st clair

Jamie St Clair grew up in Springfield, Ohio "where the corn belt meets the bible belt." He learned guitar as a boy, and was always drawn to the beauty and harmony in nature. His first experiences of meditation in nature was on fishing trips with his family in the lake country of up state New York, being out on glass smooth water in a boat at sunrise where everything was pin drop silent.

Jamie went to University to pursue theater and art. "One of my fondest memories is of the first painting class I took as a freshman. The professor's thesis was that painting (and all art really) is a kinesthetic expression of the whole body, and comes through the whole body, not just the head and hands. So he had us hiking into a forested state park in the middle of winter on a pitch dark night loaded with camping gear - couldn't see our hands in front of our faces, and told us we needed to feel our way through the trees to the campsite. The campsite turned out to be a cave, called Sail Cat Cave because of the frozen cat resembling a furry frisbee that was found there one year. He was nuts, but passionate and persuasive, and gave me my start at what I call whole body art."

Jamie went on to graduate school at the Asolo Theater Conservatory Program to pursue a MFA in acting at Florida State University. At that time he independently began an intense spiritual exploration through various books on meditation and the nature of consciousness. He picked up a book by Osho and it changed the course of his life.

After Jamie left grad school he moved to San Francisco for a meditation center that practiced Osho's meditations. Within a year he left San Francisco to meet Osho in India. Spending over 10 years living in an ashram in India altered Jamie's outlook on reality, life, love - and art. While at the ashram, he started understanding how to act from a silent inner space. Wu Wei, the ancient Chinese term for "Action from Inaction" remains Jamie's modis operandi while creating art. Whether painting, or shooting with his camera he approaches the process the same way. Jamie offers workshops with his partner, where people can experience wu wei in their life. These workshops are called Satori.

Jamie has also produced several music albums, Celtic Ragas, in 1999 which included many of the songs he created for the meditations he led in the ashram in India. The album was released by New Earth Records (a leader in spiritual music) and continues to sell well today. Then came Indo Reel (2004), and two vocal pop/rock albums, Infusion (2011), and We Will Abide (2013), on his own label Sublime Dezine Records.

Jamie now resides in N. Germany and manages a cafe and galery and divides his free time between walks on the beach and leading meditation and music events in the Wellness Center in his neighborhood.